ÍR winner in Icelandic Athletics Team Cup

Bikarkeppni FRÍ, or Icelandic team cup championships took place in Reykjavík Satuday 11th of March. The winners were team ÍR who celebrated their club’s 110 year old anniversary with their victory. ÍR did win both the combined as well as men’s and women’s cup. In men’s competition with only one point lead to team FH, from Hafnarfjörður and in the women’s competition with 51 point over 37 from FH. Combined it was ÍR with 98 points, team FH with 83 and team Breiðablik 67 points.

Two national records were set. Team FH in mens 4*200m relay running in 1:27,94s and womens team ÍR in 4*200m releay running in 1:38,45s. Complete results can be found online here.

Above: (From www.ir.is) Team ÍR 2017