RIG 2016 – Reykjavik International Games

 Welcome to RIG Athletics

Dear athletes and friends of athletics. On behalf of The Icelandic Athletic Federation I sincerely welcome you to Reykjavik International Games in indoor athletics. And hope we will all enjoy the celebration of personal achievements, improvements, competition and camaraderie. Athletics offers challenges in the basic motor skills of running, jumping and throwing that have been practiced and tested for thousands of years – the oldest form of sport. Athletics has offered a lot to our civilization and still has a lot to offer in our society today – even more so then ever before. The family of athletics is proud of its record of gender equality, an open venue to all and equal opportunity for individual to participate and get support to reach personal goals. The highest achievement in athletics is a journey with the destination of becoming the best one can be. Winning a contest is one thing. Improving yourself is another good feeling and even better than victory. Your personal improvement is something no-one can do except you – enjoy it and have a good time. Thank you for coming. We hope to see you again. Good luck.

Einar Vilhjálmsson, president of Icelandic Athletic Federation.
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