ÍR winner in Icelandic Athletics Team Cup

Bikarkeppni FRÍ, or Icelandic team cup championships took place in Reykjavík Satuday 11th of March. The winners were team ÍR who celebrated their club’s 110 year old anniversary with their victory. ÍR did win both the combined as well as men’s and women’s cup. In men’s competition with only one point lead to team FH, […]


Icelandic competitors Hlynur and Anita ready for Belgrade 2017

Icelandic Athletic Federation has confirmed the two competitors competing on behalf of Iceland in European Athletics Indoor competition taking place in Belgrade 3-5th of March. The athletes will be: Anita Hinriksdottir, 800m Hlynur Andresson, 3000m Anita did qualify for the games as well as Arna Stefania Gudmundsdottir who unfortunately had to withdraw due to injuries. She […]


Reykjavík International Games Athletics 4th of February

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